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Development, Design & Consulting

Co-creating new and existing ecovillages for thriving individuals, communities, earth


Ecovillages are intentional communities that aim to live in holistically sustainable ways with each other and Earth. We have decades of experience and expertise in ecovillage design and development as well as the specialty fields and trades necessary to design, develop, and inhabit them. We support new and existing ecovillages in becoming as holistically thriving as possible. 

Ecovillages are similar to regenerative communities, but they might not include all of the elements that regenerative communities do.

Ecovillages carefully consider how their way of living impacts each other, society, and nature. They aim for self-sufficiency, minimal impact and ideally positive outcomes to nature and people. They include things like strong communities, natural built homes and buildings, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, local economies, educational initiatives, and consciousness practices. 

Ecovillages are gaining popularity as a desirable way of living as we seek to connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and nature. 

Not all ecovillages are regenerative, but most have regenerative aspects. We can support your new or existing ecovillage to become more or completely regenerative. 

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