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What We Do

Koru Collaborative initiates and facilitates regenerative processes and projects at all scales—individual, building, site, neighborhood, village, city, region, and beyond. We are experts in regenerative community development, catalyzing shifts toward thrivability. 



Regenerative, or regeneration, moves beyond sustainability toward thrivability. It entails increasing continually in health and well-being. Regeneration results in vitality, abundance, prosperity, and optimal health and well-being of whole living systems, not just parts of a system. For example, if a neighborhood is regenerative, it is also enabling the larger community it is a part of to be regenerative. We call these regenerative communities. Regenerative communities can exist at any scale, from individuals to regions and beyond. 

Regenerative Development

Regenerative development grows the capacities of communities—the human and more-than-human components--necessary for health and well-being to increase continually. These capacities include both inner (unseen) and exterior (seen) components). It is a process in which the inherent life-giving forces of a place are supported to unfold and manifest vitality and abundance for thriving communities. Koru does this by collaborating with communities to discover and manifest their unique life-giving essence, or identity. 

Green Buildings

Regenerative Design

Regenerative design includes specific technologies, techniques, and strategies to support regenerative development. These include ecological design and planning, biomimicry, biophilia, natural building, Living Buildings, Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and more. 

Regenerative Community Development

Koru Collaborative implements the first and only Regenerative Community Development (RCD) Framework, developed by our co-Founder, Dr. Leah Gibbons, after decades of experience and research into what factors are necessary for shifts toward holistically thriving living systems. The RCD Framework provides a structure for the process, co-creation, and continual evolution of thriving communities of human + more-than-human life. It helps develop the consciousness, thinking, and values necessary for regenerative communities while also developing the social and ecological systems necessary.


We work in existing, developing, and new communities. Contact us to find out how to be part of the most (re)evolutionary shift occurring in the world.

Community Garden
Support Group

Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative Leaders understand that their role is to co-create reciprocal relationships that manifest ever greater levels of vitality, abundance, and prosperity—in other words, health and wellbeing. Regenerative Leaders are Regenerative Change Agents who catalyze greater health and wellbeing in the individuals, communities, and systems they affect and are part of. Regenerative Leaders understand that their influence reaches across many scales of space and time; they think and act systemically for the greater good of all life.  

Holistic Health Coaching

We support individuals, groups, and communities in manifesting optimal health and well-being. Holistic health coaching looks at how all components of our lives—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational—fit together to create our state of health. We work on shifting consciousness and behaviors in ways that are doable and lasting. The result is transformational healing, mutually beneficial relationships, and living into our highest potential possible; in other words, co-creating thriving lives and communities.

Group Hike
Studying at Home

Life Coaching

Our life coaching helps people rediscover joy and meaning in life, leading to true success and prosperity. We support people in reconnecting to themselves, their loved ones, their community, and their purpose in life. Whether this means equipping people with new perspectives and tools or supporting them in radically changing aspects of their lives, our aim is to enable people to be in complete alignment with their true selves so they can live an exuberant life of love, joy, abundance, and prosperity.

Business Coaching

We support businesses in developing and growing in ways that create prosperity and abundance for themselves and the communities they are part of. We do this through an understanding that true wealth is measured by more than just money. It is also measured by holistic health, wellness, and happiness. We use a model of wealth that includes five capitals: natural, human, social, financial, and manufactured. We help businesses optimize all forms of capital internally and externally for lasting prosperity and abundance.  

We help individual businesses thrive, and we also co-create networks of mutually beneficial collaborations amongst enterprises in regions to catalyze large-scale transformations to thrivability.

Soap Store Owner
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We use transformative and sustainable education to help shift the consciousness and behaviors necessary for thrivability. We offer classes, workshops, courses, programs, and certifications in the following areas:

Regenerative Development, Design, and Consulting
Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Living
Natural Building

Holistic Health and Wellbeing

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