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Tiny Homes & Tiny Home Communities

Thriving through simpler, affordable, healthy, community-oriented living

With over 50 years in the design, development, health, and sustainability fields, we partner with you to create the tiny home and tiny home community of your dreams.

Tiny Homes

We work with you to design and build a tiny home that can be transported or built in place. Tiny homes can range in size from 160-600 square feet.
We can design and build larger homes, too.

Living small doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. A tiny (or larger) home can give you necessary personal space and include everything you want and need in that space. It can enable you to live affordably and more healthfully, sustainably, and even regeneratively.

We design, build, and deliver sustainable and health-inducive tiny homes to you based on your needs and desires.

Click here to begin manifesting your tiny home dreams!

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Tiny Home Communities

Co-create and live in the tiny home community, regenerative community, or ecovillage of your dreams.

We also co-create Tiny Home Communities, where you enjoy having your personal space and access to everything you want and need (and more!) but without the expense, responsibility, and unsustainability that comes along with larger homes. Tiny Homes and Tiny Home Communities can also be regenerative.
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