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Black Sheep

This poem, by a 12-year-old connected being, might speak to many of us. If it speaks to you, please reach out to us so we can support one another!

Black Sheep Sometimes I feel like I am being forced into a world I am not made for, A world with a major of danger like a dragon of anger. This Nation does not support congregation, it encourages separation, And this will provoke our retaliation. A society of deniability pushing the anger to be sadness, And a possibility of breaking our dignity. But the Black Sheep will rise above this society, They do not have deniability of one’s true self, but stability and inspiration. The Black Sheep is a new nation of unique radiation, By a spirit born into a body of Creation. So live with compassion, for compassion is the spirit of love in contraction. Contraction is what happens during birth, Birth of new earth in which the hearth of Fire shall burn in the ever-surrounding life such as Water. Water that flows through our bodies like a rain that is forever washing the earth to new terrain. Earth on which we stand without a trace of where it came from, The trees, thousands of years old, stand up right and bold, While the wind blows them into forever flexibility. The wind which blows forever never stopping to breathe or rest, But actually managing to carry the clouds on its breast of life. The clouds that rain on the earthen terrain being burned by fire in its endless desire to consume the air Blowing through despair that the earth carries from our society. So I ask you, Are you in the flock of white sheep that roam groomed and sleek That the shepherd controls to perpetuate the bleak and nonunique, Or the black sheep that roam the land searching for new ways to understand The hand in which we lay our lives. Not the democracy that feigns we are free but the reality that we are Black Sheep. I am Nylah Alexis Gibbons-Yarborough and I am a Black Sheep, different and unique.

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